Fees and Disbursements_title

The Advocates Remuneration (Amendment) Order prescribes and governs the fees we charge in most Commercial and Conveyancing matters. The Remuneration Order also makes provision for Advocates to charge fees on a time expended basis and or based on the following factors:-

  • Nature or importance and/or urgency of the matter.
  • The interest of the parties.
  • Time spent – per hour or per day.
  • Complexity and intricacy of the matter.

For matters not governed by the said Order, we usually charge on a time expended basis however at the same time appreciate that we must remain competitive in offering you a quality service.

In addition to our professional fees, disbursements will be charged on reasonable prevailing costs for stationery, courier, document production, telephone and postal charges.

In the event that additional legal or other professionals are retained, you will be responsible for payment of their fees and disbursements.

We endeavor to keep our fees to a minimum by working in the most efficient yet effective manner possible in any given situation. We are always prepared to work with clients to structure transactions to save costs and where permitted by the Remuneration Order, negotiate with clients on fee amounts and structure.